Just an Odd Job Girl by Sally Cronin

The Book:


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At 50 Imogen had been married for over 20 years, and was living in a big house, with money to spare. Suddenly she is traded-in for a younger model, a Fast-Tracker.

Devastated, she hides away and indulges in binge eating. But then, when hope is almost gone, she meets a new friend and makes a journey to her past that helps her move on to her future.

My Review:

Fabulously Real
By Jo Robinson on 4 Dec. 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

Just an Odd Job Girl is the uplifting story of Imogen. Cast aside aged almost fifty by her husband who chooses a younger wife to replace her she faces beginning life all over again. A new and most cool phrase totally to me in this book – the fast tracker – a great name for those gorgeous young women who forego the whole long term working to succeed in life together as a couple in favour of swiping an already successful older man from the woman who has put in all the years to gain the success.

Imogen’s self-confidence is low as it can be, but she heads off to a personnel agency that specializes in placing the more mature job seeker to see if they can help her find work in spite of her not obviously stellar curriculum vitae. Twenty four years of “only” housewife and mother. There she is interviewed by Andrew Jenkins, who rather than dismiss her on the basis of her tiny CV, encourages her to tell him what she liked or didn’t like about the few jobs she did have many years back before she stopped working in exchange for being a stay at home wife and mother. And then the fun begins!

I laughed so hard I almost cried a few times reading Imogen’s memories of former jobs and employers. She’s crazy in the most wonderfully inspiring way. Chasing thieves and fabulousness in a funeral parlour and dentist’s office to name only two of the places she showed her wonderful character and savvy in on her Odd Job Girl trip. The apprehending of the shoplifter just has to be read! In the telling of her own life, Imogen realizes her value though. While this book is a really fun romp, it’s also very poignant and touching. So many women around the globe really do get kicked to the kerb after years of thinking that they married their true love, and would be together forever. Generally they feel old and ugly, all used up and not much use for anyone or anything, let alone a meaningful career and life.

This is a book with a happy ending, and an inspirational happy ending at that. It shows that all is never lost until the very last breath that you take. It shows that everyone has fabulousness within us, and all it takes is to recognize it, grab it, and have a ball with the amazingly wonderful person that you are. It’s not all about age, it’s all about feisty and real. Five out of five stars and a very hearty one hundred percent recommendation. A nice one for the guys out there too – especially if you have ever been a target for a fast tracker. There’s a whole lot more to life than a little bit of nubile.

The Author: Sally Cronin

Sally Cronin

My name is Sally Georgina Cronin – I include the Georgina bit because a couple of my books were written back in the beginning as Georgina Cronin – it was my grandmother’s name and as a child I fancied it more than I did Sally – I announced at school age 9 and a little portly that I wished to be called that and instead I was saddled with Georgy Porgy until I went to secondary school as a very definite Sally.

However, on writing my first book-Size Matters – I thought I would give it another go but it has reverted to Sally Georgina Cronin especially as my books have evolved into E-versions.

I have spent a number of years in each of the following industries – Retail, Advertising and Telecommunications, radio and television and taken a great deal from each.

I have written short stories and poetry since a very young age and when I went ‘Indie’ in 1996 I combined my retraining as a Nutritional Therapist with this love of writing. I began with columns in the media in the UK and Spain, my own monthly newsletter and my first health book Size Matters which told the story of my journey from a very overweight 24 stone – 330lbs to a slimmish and healthier individual.

Over the last ten years this love of writing has developed into another eight titles, my blog and also into Indie Publishing in 2004.

Over the last ten years I have managed to fit radio and Internet television both in front of the microphone and camera and behind in a producing and directing role. So whilst I never became the UK Esther Williams I did get to perform without getting too waterlogged.

All my books apart from Just Food for Health are now in Eversions for Kindle and Epub and available here on Amazon as well as Smashwords and Moyhill Publishing http://www.moyhill.com bookshop.

My next projects are in process – a health book focused on care of the elderly at home, a people management development programme (in preparation for my return to work as a trainer when we get back to the UK) and a novel.

Connect with me on my blog.


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    • Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life. December 4, 2015 at 10:20 pm Reply

      Jo I cannot tell you how much I love your review.. that you get it… Imogen was special to me and she had to have fiesty and humour and guts. I am glad that came across.. Delighted to be here on Feed my Reads SA and everywhere else that you call home.. love and hugs SallyXX


  2. writerchristophfischer December 4, 2015 at 3:38 pm Reply

    Loved that book. Sally is such a great writer.
    Happy Friday 🙂

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  3. D. Wallace Peach December 4, 2015 at 4:36 pm Reply

    Great review, Jo. Congrats, Sally. The books sounds delightful! I’m heading over to Amazon. 😀

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  4. Patrick Jones December 4, 2015 at 5:25 pm Reply

    Great review, Jo!! Sally Cronin is such a special author!! Hope you’re doing well down under!! Big hugs!!

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  5. edwinasepisodes December 4, 2015 at 6:03 pm Reply

    That was a wonderful review Jo. It sounds a must-read to me and I will be checking it out soon 🙂

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    I have had a five star day topped off by a wonderful and treasured review from Jo Robinson for my novel Just An Odd Job Girl.. some days you just know you are in the right job.


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  8. Ali Isaac December 5, 2015 at 10:37 am Reply

    Great review, Sally! Sounds a fabulous fun read!

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    Great review. I am getting this one.

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