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Latest release from Author Angus H Day

Today we share the latest release of author Angus H Day. Angus is a prolific writer, which is much appreciated by the avid followers of his series. I asked him to tell us about himself, and he happily obliged with that dry sci-fi writer wit. But first.

The Book:

“A personality per day keeps the assassins at bay.” One of many quotations embossed along the walls of the secretive ‘Next You’ Intelligence Division Operators academy on Cassius. Every government needs operators and they promise awesome compensation. They can because they normally don’t have to pay. Diego Martin goes on a mission for the Interstellar Alliance and holds them accountable for their rewards program in ways they never imagined, in Minus a Conscience, a Next You novel.
The last two novels, What Am I? and Fractionation Nation explore the future of Interstellar Alliance Sentience resisting extermination and expanding into the Galaxy.

The Author:

My choice for author picture 03MAR13

I live in Fort Collins Colorado with my wife and son. My daughter has embarked on her career as a graphics designer. My son Garrett is trying to determine what he wants to do with his future. I’ve been an Infantryman, Swine Farmer, smattering of other trades and jobs and now I’m a manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist.

What aspect of my life that is devoted to fitness favors swimming in open water which means I spend most of the year working out in a pool then hit the lakes when it warms up a bit. My wife Cheryl safety kayaks for me when we manage to make it work. I also like to fly fish and enjoy nature.

I used to consider myself to be an alpha type personality but as I move on in life I’m noticing the resemblance of those traits to the denizen of a rodent wheel. I believe I have diverted onto a path of not pursuing nebulous goals at the expense of people and surroundings that are important to me. That is a change.

I like to read Science Fiction but I will attempt to read most anything one time. Joe Haldeman, Phillip K. Dick, Ray Bradbury, Peter Hamilton, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Harry Harrison, Douglas Adams, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Frank Herbert, Ben Bova, Arthur Clarke and many others. These are but the most prominent of influencers in my literacy.

When I was in seventh-grade my English teacher broke down my reading wall by introducing me to the Chronicles of Narnia. Once I was over the intimidation of the Novel I started reading a lot more. Like most everyone I found myself drawn to spectacular covers and found the inner matter to not always match my notions of what I was trying to enjoy. There was a dry spell that lasted for decades because even though I was capable of being an avid reader I felt that I would have to devote my existence to Liberal Arts to even become a passable writer. It really is odd the things we choose to take as laws in our environment which usually turn out to be the sore-headed opinion of others in a position of trust.
I turned back to reading, consuming two to three books per month in my forties and one day I suffered an epiphany while waiting on family members who were completing computer tasks. ‘Why not use that time to write a novel and not hover over them?’
I can hear the TV weeping in the other room because I’ve ignored the hell out of it ever since reinventing myself as a writer.
The support has been touch and go. I kept the writing secret at first because I felt no need to be mocked or I felt that if I said anything before I proved capable to myself that it would curse the enterprise. I’ve been slowly winning people over.

Since my daily paying job is second shift manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist I have become very protective of my mornings and scrounging time for writing. The competitors usually include: Honey-do list, doctors appointments, the appointments of others, pets, snow shoveling, exercise if I’m lucky and prepping for second shift. That being said I can usually apply the jaws of life to extract an hour of productive writing time daily.
I do find my attitude somewhat sour when folks who have options spread their crap into my time rather than compromising. I can’t really say if that affects what gets written.

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Any final words from Angus H Day before he returns to his writing den?

That’s about all I’ve got to say about that.

Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption by Mark Myers

Introducing fabulous author, Mark Myers, the man who made Virgil Creech come alive.

About the Author:

Mark Myers

As the father of four daughters, Mark Myers spends his days in a frilly pink world lined with ballet slippers and drama. Oddly enough, his favorite thing to write about is mischievous boys and the trouble they cause. He cut his teeth as a boy and little brother in Louisville, Kentucky but now resides in Georgia with his wife, daughters, two overweight retrievers and a manipulative cat with no name. In his spare time, he enjoys running, reading classic literature, and building furniture. Mark and his family have particular concern for Africa and orphan-related causes. He has been fortunate to travel to Africa and Haiti to use his building skills to help orphan-care ministries.
In his writing, he strives to weave moral truth and humor into a story that is relevant and engaging to children. One of the greatest compliments he’s ever received came from a woman who said: “Thank you for showing me what goes on inside a boy’s mind.” Not much goes on in there, you can be sure of that.

About the book:

Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption

MM Cover


What happens when four boys accidently knock out an eccentric stranger and get the mistaken impression that they’ve blinded him? They rescue a mangy mutt from the dump and train it to be his seeing-eye dog, in the hope of absolving their guilt, of course. Further complicating the effort is the fact that one of the boys lays claim to the dog as his own, which sets off a hilarious chain of events as the miscreant plots and schemes to steal the hound back from the old man.

The miscreant is none other than Virgil Creech, youngest of nine bickering brothers in Portsong’s most notorious family. Virgil enlists the help of his only friend, Henry Lee to retrieve the dog, now happily answering to the name Oscar. But the wary Henry begins his own quest for the truth about Oscar’s history. Guided by the dog’s new owner, the kindly Colonel Clarence Birdwhistle, Henry learns about more about life and friendship than he ever does about Oscar.

Set in the 1920’s, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption probes deep into the mind of a boy, which is a shallow thing indeed. Follow Virgil as he plots and plunders his way through school, church, town, and quite possibly into your heart. His antics are hard for even the stoutest soul to tolerate, but don’t write him off just yet. There is always hope that young Virgil might just find his way.

With colorful characters and unforgettable wit, Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption will leave you ready to take up residence in Portsong – halfway between Savannah and heaven.

Also by Mark Myers:

A Concise History of Portsong – NOTE: This book is FREE on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble



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Introducing Author Charles Yallowitz and FREE Promotion of Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero

To celebrate its anniversary, author Charles Yallowitz is offering one of the books in his Legends of Windermere series, Beginning of a Hero to readers for free. Enjoy!

Hero Cover Final

Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero

Event: Free from February 22-24 to celebrate ‘1 Year Birthday’

About the Book

Take a step into the magical world of Windemere where history is forged by brave adventurers.

Luke Callindor was born into Windemere’s most decorated family of adventurers. Since his birth, he has been treated with the greatest amount of respect and awe. Now, with a lifetime of training and the reckless cockiness of youth, Luke has set out to prove that he deserves the admiration that comes from being a Callindor.

Luke gets his chance when he convinces a royal messenger to hire him to protect the heir of Duke Solomon. This future leader is secretly attending Hamilton Military Academy, an esteemed school run by the former mercenary, Selenia Hamilton. It is a dangerous secret mission requiring that Luke pretend to be an average student while keeping an eye out for any sign of danger. Unfortunately, Luke has no idea which student the heir is and a demonic assassin is already several steps ahead of him. Finding himself in over his head and constantly in trouble, the young warrior realizes that the only things he has on his side are some new friends and his unwavering courage.

About the Author

Charles author photo B&W

Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

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Other Books in this Series

Prodigy Cover Final

Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower

Allure Final Cover

Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies

Memoirs of a Flower Child by George Geisinger

Presenting Memoirs of a Flower Child by George Geisinger.

Review by Jo Robinson

Introducing Author Kevin Cooper and FREE Promotion of The Wizard, The Girl, and the Unicorn’s Horn

Introducing the multi-talented Kevin Cooper, and his Valentine gift to readers of his book, The Wizard, The Girl, and The Unicorn’s Horn.

Author Kevin Cooper
I was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England in 1963. At school, I always had a passion for writing. A couple of teachers encouraged me and this helped me to succeed with 3 CSEs. I wrote some poetry and songs but did nothing with them.
In 1985 I moved to the USA where I studied to get a GED in Kentucky. (This is the equivalent of a High School Degree.) Afterwards, I obtained a scholarship and went on to study Music at Western KY University for two years.
Later, I transferred some of my credits from WKY to Asbury College. I changed my major to Psychology (Pre-professional track) and added a minor in Greek. I tutored for the languages department and taught a study-skills class. A few years later, I graduated with a BA in Psychology in 1991.
After finishing at Asbury College, I studied Christian Counselling & Psychotherapy and Languages at Asbury Theological Seminary. I also did private tutoring for students who needed to brush up on their language skills in order to pass the Greek Proficiency Exam. It is a requirement for Master of Divinity candidates for entry into the seminary. I was there for just over a year before moving to Arizona. I enrolled at The Grand Canyon University and was awarded a Graduate Fellowship. I studied Secondary English and received State Certification to teach English in the high schools. I graduated with a, M.Ed in 1998.
I worked as a substitute teacher for several high school districts in and around Phoenix until I found a full-time career in management at The Hertz Corporation. I also worked as a visiting lecturer for Computer Learning and a part-time lecturer of General Studies at The Golf Academy and The Metropolitan University, respectively.
In 2004 I returned to the UK. I got a job working for the NHS and stayed with them for almost 7 years. In Dec 2012, I came out of work to care for my wife and regained my passion for writing. I began by starting my blog at where I also have a publications page that give links to all of my works for both paperback and e-book versions. Since starting my blog I have become author of the following four works:

The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn is a children’s fantasy. We join the wizard on his quest to find the people of Geo and bring them back to their homes. On his journey he runs into a young girl who asks for the unicorn’s horn. She then leaves him and he finds help from a band of goblins who accompany him on his quest. Will the wizard be able to defeat the sinister shadow and its cohorts? And what role does the little girl play?

Miedo (Living Beyond Childhood Fears) is a drama and a true story with elements of the psychological thriller and horror about a child who experiences a lot of loss and trauma in his life. His experiences result in a lot of paranormal/supernatural incidents that occur mostly within his bedroom.

The Devil’s Apology: This is a short story that provides a satiric epic tale of war with god and his angels from the devil’s perspective. We learn how in the beginning all things are created and how god and the devil come to be at odds; begin arguing and the battles that follow. In this story he makes god out to be the culprit that wronged him. Will we believe him? Which side should we choose when the time comes?

Reflections, is a collection of poems, songs and muses about love, life and relationships.

Few Are Chosen: KBarthan Trilogy is Free Today from M T McGuire

The Pan of Hamgee isn’t paranoid. There must be some people in K’Barth who aren’t out to get him it’s just that, right now, he’s not sure where they are. His family are dead, his existence is treason and he does the only thing he can to survive – getaway driving.

As if being on the run isn’t bad enough, when he finds a magic thimble and decides to keep it, he unwittingly sets himself on a collision course with Lord Vernon, K’Barth’s despot ruler.

Unwillingly The Pan is forced to make choices and stand up for his beliefs, beliefs he never knew he had until they were challenged. But when he is faced with a stark moral dilemma will his new found integrity stick? Can he stop running?

A Hello From MTM


Hello there, I’m M T McGuire. I grew up half way up a down but now I live in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk with my family and a huge, hairy cat called Chewbacca.
I write humorous fantasy fiction. If I came to stay at your house, I’d be the one who checks the wardrobe in your spare room for a gateway to Narnia. That’s probably all you need to know about me really.
If you’ve read my writing, thank you, I hope you enjoyed it.
If you like my stuff you can keep up to date at M T McGuire and I’m on Twitter.

Dreams of Love by Pamela Beckford


Description: Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to reader in the pages.

Various poetry forms are explored: free verse, tanka (5-7-5-7-7), doidotsu (7-7-7-5) and etheree (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10).

Dreams of Love

Dreams of you and me
Together in ev’ry way
Your lips pressed to mine
Assuring me of your love
Dreams of love eternally

Purchase here!

pamelaPamela began writing poetry in just the last year. She is a nonprofit executive by day and spends her hours trying to be sure that everyone has a chance for a good life. Pamela is passionate about her job and it spills over into her writing. Dreams of Love is her debut poetry collection. Pamela feels that poetry can be very personal but invites you into her soul as you read her poems.

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Poetry by Pamela
Year ‘Round Thanksgiving Project

Big Launch in 2014 – My GRL – Fiction Thriller by John W Howell

Big Launch in 2014 My GRL Fiction Thriller

By John W. Howell

Now available on Amazon a new Fiction Thriller published by Martin Sisters Publishing

my grl5star-shiny-web

My GRL by John W. Howell is fast-paced thriller that shows how your life can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. . . It is a well-written story that kept me glued, page after page.” Readers’ Favorite Five Stars – Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi. See the entire review HERE

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John J. Cannon successful San Francisco lawyer takes a well-deserved leave of absence from the firm and buys a boat he names My GRL. He is unaware that his newly purchased boat had already been targeted by a terrorist group. John’s first inkling of a problem is when he wakes up in the hospital where he learns he was found unconscious next to the dead body of the attractive young woman who sold him the boat in the first place. John now stands between the terrorists and the success of their mission.

Author Bio:

Photo by Tim Burdick

Photo by Tim Burdick

John W. Howell’s main interests are reading and writing. He turned to writing as a full time occupation after an extensive career in business. John writes thriller fiction novels and short stories. He also has a three times weekly blog at Fiction Favorites .

John lives on Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of south Texas with his wife and their spoiled rescue pets.

Author Contact:


Twitter: @HowellWave


Amazon Author Page:


My GRL front cover