Happy Winter Solstice

An Author's View

Winter Solstice in Britain is onSaturday 21st December 2013, 17:11 GMT

Today, at eleven minutes past five British time (eleven minutes past twelve EST, eleven minutes past nine in the morning on America’s west coast, and eleven minutes past one on Sunday morning where my niece lives in Perth, Western Australia) the sun will have completed its journey south and will start to make its way back to the Northern Hemisphere. Yippee! I’m the opposite of pessimists who insist on saying ‘Nights are drawing in now’ the day after Summer Solstice. After 5.11 p.m. today the days will start to lengthen, the warm weather will gradually return – yes, niece basking in the midsummer heat of Western Australia, listen up! The sun will soon be on its way north again.

Any scientists reading will no doubt be shaking their heads in despair by now. Relax, boffins – I know…

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