How to Enjoy a Book—No, Really



You think this is obvious, huh?

  • Enjoying a vacation should be automatic, but you encounter tourists who complain frequently.
  • You can mess up a good kiss by using your brain instead of just letting your heart take over.
  • Simply being alive should make us happy, but we humans are kind of funny about that.

We also don’t always enjoy a book the way we should.

How to Enjoy a Book

Reading should be a pleasurable experience. It’s not just the writing that makes a book good or bad. The reader plays a role in this, too.

Here are some tips to truly enjoying a good read:

  • Make the words sound and flow in a way that appeals to you. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. The author strung the words together, but it’s up to you to say them (in your mind) in a way that…

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